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Product Development & CAD Design --- Custom Manufacturing --- 3D Printing

Small Production Runs --- Custom Metal Fabrication & Welding --- Microscopic Welding & Inspection

Material Supply and Purchasing --- Material Handling Services --- Equipment Crating


CNC Machining

Fryer Mill
Max. Cap: 50”L X 24”W X 24”H (4 Axis)
Acer Mill
Max Cap: 26" L X 13" W X 18" H
Okuma Mill

Max. Cap: 40”L X 20”W X 20”H

Solid Surfacing, Nurbs, Four Axis and Rigid Tapping

Okuma Lathe

Max. Cap: 8”dia. X 17” Center to Center

3rd Axis Milling, Drilling and Rigid Tapping

EDM Machining

Wire EDM (Sodick)

Max. Cap: 8”W X 10”L X 8”H

Tolerance: ± .0005”

Angle: up to 17º

Current Hole Drilling EDM

Most conductive materials

Hole sizes from 0.25 - 5.0 mm

Depth/Dia. ratio: 150:1

Manual Machining

Wotan Horizontal Mill

Max. Cap: 54”L X 54”W X 42”H

Tolerance: ± .001” Including a 360º Rotary Table

G & L Horizontal Mill
Acer Knee Mill
Max Cap: 26" L X 13" W X 18" H
Eisen Tool Room Lathe

Max. Cap: 6"dia. X 16" center to center

(5hp. Motor)

Sharp Tool Room Lathe

Max. Cap: 6”dia X 16”center to center
HwaCheon Engine Lathe

Max. Cap: 23”dia. if under 7”L or

13.5”dia up to 75”L

Tolerance: ± .0005”

Jet Drill Press

4" Stroke

1/2" Chuck

3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping

Stratasys uPrint

FDM Process with soluble support


Build Envelope: 6" W x 8 " D x 6 " H

Layer Thickness: 0.010"

Color(s): Ivory

Stratasys Dimension

FDM Process with soluble support


Build Envelope: 8 " W x 8" D x 12" H

Layer Thickness : 0.010"

Color(s): Various depending on what we have in stock


FDM Process


Build Envelope: 16 " W x 12" D x 10" H

Layer Thickness : Variable - as small as .005"

Color(s): Various depending on what we have in stock

Abrasive Finishing

Blanchard Surface Grinder

Max. Cap: 13”H X 42”L

Tolerance: ± .0005”

Sunnen Honing Machine

Cap: ⅛”dia. to 6”dia.

Tolerance: ± .0001”

Tool Cutter/Grinder
Belt Sander
Bench Grinders/Polishers


Semi-automated Vertical Band Saw
Max. Cap: 18” Throat X 16”H
Vertical Band Saw
Max. Cap: 35” Throat X 12” H
Cold Cut Saw
Max. Cap: 5 ½” W X 4” H
Pipe Cutter / Threader
Table Saw

Metal Shaping

AccurShear Shear

Capacity: 10ft. X ½” Mild Steel Plate

Tolerance: Fractional

Box and Pan Bender
Max Capacity: 48" X 14 Guage
Piranha Iron Worker
50 Ton Iron Worker with plate shear, angle iron shear, punch, pipe notcher, and nibbler.
Tubing Bender

Ercolina Pipe/Tubing Bender

2" sch. 40 pipe, 3 " tubing

Material Joining

TIG (GTAW), Stick (SMAW)
Portable 110V MIG
Oxyacetylene Cutting, and Welding
Plasma Cutting
Silver Soldering

Zahntech Laser Welder

Most metals

Weld diameter from .2mm to 2 mm

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