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Material Analysis

Using a Thermo Scientific Niton XL3 Analyzer we can determine the elemental makeup of most substances. We can provide a report that shows all the elements and their percentage composition in each sample. We can also determine which alloy the substance is with a provided degree of confidence. The following list shows our current prices for this service:

$12.00 per single sample

$50.00 for 5 samples

$75.00 for 10 samples

$60.00/hr. for on-site analysis (minimum of one half hour)

$200.00/day for multi-day rental (Operator must prove that he/she has passed Risk Management's safety course for radioactive apparatus)


Payment methods:


*Department Operating Unit*

*University Financial Account (My Financial Center)*

*Student Signature Card (must have $$ on card)*

*Credit/Debit card users must set up a customer account*