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Precision Machining Laboratory Research Support


Resources and Facilities

The Precision Machining Laboratory (PML) is located in the Roland A. Crabtree building on BYU’s main campus. The PML is a fantastic research resource for anyone needing manufacturing or engineering design services.



The PML has the following list of equipment and capabilities:

  • Solid modeling / CAD services
  • Product development / design-for-manufacturing
  • Three multi-axis CNC mills
  • CNC lathe with live turret spindle capability
  • Wire EDM
  • GTAW, SMAW, GMAW, YAG-wave Laser micro-welding capabilities
  • Crating & Shipping services
  • Professional quality FDM and polymer SLA 3D printing
  • Soon to come: metallic additive manufacturing (3D printing) machine



The PML is staffed with highly skilled engineers and technicians with a combined 50+ years of industry experience. Professional quality manufacturing and engineering is the reason the PML exists on campus and we strive to ensure that we have top notch employees both full-time and part-time.



The PML’s main shop is located on the first floor in room 108. We also co-own some of our equipment that is located in room 155. The main office is just adjacent to the shop entrance. There we have a conference table where researchers can meet with PML staff for consultation and design reviews.


We invite all BYU faculty, students and associated collaborators to contact us with any inquiries.


Therin Garrett

Managing Director

Precision Machining Laboratory